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Computer Network Vulnerability Assessments

Any organisation that uses a computer network remains vulnerable, information can be stolen from inside as well as from outside an organisation. In terms of Law enforcement or Military installations, data theft has disastrous consequences.

In a world where it is cheaper to steal than ethically acquire information, every organisation that depends on a computer network remains vulnerable.

If an IT system is hacked and disrupted or shut down it will result in loss of valuable data as well as effectiveness of that organisation to function. The disruption can last days or be permanent,the financial cost to put it right will be very high

Information that is secret should stay that way. Greymen look at vulnerability from outside as well as from inside the organisation. They provide a full report around vulnerability and where necessary, recommend the necessary action to take.

Greymen's academically qualified expert who has tested the vulnerability of many systems, will accurately access a client's vulnerability around this area. This will either give peace of mind that a network is safe or not and will present a comprehensive report detailing the steps needed to secure it.


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