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Independent Ex Health Check Capability

As an asset owner or operator it is your legal responsibility to provide a safe place of work for your employees.  By neglecting the maintenance of Ex equipment you may be compromising the safety of those employees and in addition, exposing yourself and your company to possible legal proceedings.

Similarly, when aging installations change hands, the asset becomes the legal responsibility of the new owner.

That responsibility includes the upkeep and management of all inherited safety critical elements i.e. the Ex certified equipment.

The Ex items installed on your site will undoubtably form essential components of asset safety critical emergency shutdown and fire & gas systems.  The integrity of those components will be fundamental to the safety of the asset and all personnel on site.

  • Do you fully understand the condition of your Ex equipment?
  • How safe are your safety critical elements?
  • Do you know the whereabouts of all installed Ex equipment?
  • Does your Ex inventory hold full technical and maintenance data on all Ex items and does it fully reflect the actual condition of installed equipment?

An HSE inspector's visit will establish answers to those and many more fundamental integrity issues.  Negligence in any of those areas could result in an enforcement notice and/or asset closure. 

The ICM Ex Health check is a method to quickly establish the condition of safe ty critical Ex certified equipment installed on site.

It provides owners and operators with factual integrity information that can be used to ensure compliance with statutory Ex legislation and to ensure future inspection and maintenance strategies are cost effective and targeted.

The health check is non intrusive and does not disrupt ongoing production or maintenance activities

It is the second of a two part evaluation process aimed at establishing the overall condition of Ex equipment and maintenance records.  It is normally undertaken in conjunction with the first part of the evaluation, the ICM independent Ex audit which interogates maintenance records.

A representative sample of Ex equipment is selected for ICM's Ex health check.  To be truely representative, the sample is selected from equipment installed in all hazardous areas encountered on site i.e. within gas/vapour zones 1 & 2 and within dust zones 21 & 22 and in non hazardous areas where Ex certified equipment is installed.

Varying equipment types are also selected for the sample e.g. lighting equipment such as luminaires and junction boxes, fire & gas equipment such as MAC points and audible/visual alarms + samples of instrumentation, electrical and telecoms equipment.

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