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Independent Ex Audit Capability

Many customers approach us because they either have known problems with Ex equipment or are aware of potential issues but do not know the full extent; often an HSE inspector's visit is imminent.

Having listened to our customers i.e. asset owners and operators like yourselves, we developed the 'ICM Ex Audit' to simulate an HSE inspector's visit to site where he is looking primarily at the condition of Ex certified equipment and inventory records.

The audit verifies the integrity of current Ex inventory and maintenance records against the actual condition of safety critical Ex certified equipment installed on site.

It is an independent assessment on the integrity of current Ex inspection records, benchmarking the asset against industry best practise and current UK & European legislation.

It is non intrusive and does not disrupt ongoing production or maintenance activities.

The fundamental difference between our audit and an HSE inspector's visit is in the deliverables.

We provide a comprehensive independent report providing factual information on the current situation as seen, together with a full set of recommendations that present cost effective improvements if deemed necessary.  The HSE on the other hand may deliver an enforcement notice that will be at best, an improvement notice or at worst, a full prohibition notice and subsequent asset closure.

Armed with the accurate, professional and independent factual information  provided in our audit report, it is then possible to budget for cost effective and achievable solutions.

The audit not only provides owners and operators with a level of confidence in their inspection and data recording processes, but also identifies potential flaws in the current system if they exist.  Knowing if and where those flaws exist enables corrective action to be undertaken before safety is compromised.

Having up to date and accurate maintenance records is an essential element of an overall safety management strategy.

Both the initial purchase and the ongoing maintenance of Ex certified equipment can be extremely costly and labour intensive. With such a large financial undertaking it is not only wise but it also makes good business sense to protect that investment by introducing effective maintenance; maintenance sufficient to ensure the initial integrity of the equipment is retained, thus providing a safe place of work for employees and in turn, satisfying legal requirements.

The ICM Ex Audit is the first of a two part evaluation process aimed at establishing the overall condition of Ex equipment and maintenance records.  It is normally undertaken in conjunction with the second part of the evaluation, our independent Ex Health Check which looks in depth at the equipment condition.

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