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Ex Maintenance Strategy

Installing correctly specified Ex certified equipment is only a small part of a long term program to ensure the workplace remains in a safe condition.

With explosion protected equipment forming part of fire & gas and emergency shut down systems, their continued safe operation within potentially explosive atmospheres is absolutely imperative.

It is vitally important that safety critical elements on an installation i.e. Ex certified items, function as intended by the original design, especially when called into operation under emergency conditions.

Ex equipment must therefore be correctly maintained to ensure the preservation of the special manufactured safety features that make the equipment safe to operate in hazardous locations.

Long term maintenance of Ex equipment can be extremely labour intensive and expensive.  It is important to ensure the correct maintenance strategy is in place.

An inappropriately designed and implemented maintenance strategy is not only financially wasteful, but also ties up valuable manpower resources, often manifesting itself in huge maintenance backlogs.

At ICM, we are vastly experienced in the design of Ex equipmenat maintenance strategies.  We utilise a risk based approach that fully endorses the recommendations within IEC (BS-EN)60079-17, the recognised benchmark standard for the maintenance of Ex certified equipment in the UK.

Our approach has been successfully applied to a number of our client's assets and should result in tangible resource and financial savings when fully implemented.

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