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Ergonomic Workplace Assessment

The whole subject of workplace health & safety and staff welfare is one that impacts directly on the performance of any business; maintaining high standards can put significant demands on company resources.

Employers are required to have an established process of workstation assessment for all employees who use workplace equipment e.g. visual display units (VDU).  When this process identifies a user's problem or the employee reports a difficulty, the employer must further assess the situation in order to recommend and implement any necessary changes.

As an employer, you have a legal responsibility for the welfare of your employees.  It also makes good business and financial sense to explore cost effective ways of reducing staff absence attributed to 'avoidable' employee illness.

The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations (as amended 2002) came into effect in the UK in January 1993 and requires employers to minimise risks in VDU work by ensuring workplaces and jobs are well designed.

An ICM ergonomic assessment utilises a risk based approach that looks at all aspects of the working environment; the workstation, equipment, furniture, seating arrangement, the screen, lighting, the keyboad and the mouse.  We pay particular attention to the employee and closely assess job requirements together with any special needs of individual staff members.

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